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About Good To Go Food Prep

Good To Go Food Prep LLC was founded to provide high quality, individually packaged, gourmet meals to people who want to eat great tasting healthy food at a reasonable price.  The primary objective of Good To Go Food Prep LLC is to provide a simple and effective solution for the most common complaints/barriers to eating healthy.  Some of these are:  


  1. Not having enough time to cook/prep healthy food at home, 

  2. Companies improperly promoting low quality/low nutrition food as “healthy”, 

  3. Healthy food being too expensive

  4. Healthy food being “nasty” “disgusting” “tasteless” “inedible”

  5. Not wanting to cook separate meals for other family members in the household


Good To Go Food Prep LLC prides itself in using the highest quality ingredients to provide our clients the healthiest meals.  All food served by Good To Go Food Prep LLC is fresh, top quality, and never frozen.  Additionally, Good To Go Food Prep LLC does NOT use salt or unnecessary added fats or sugar and maintains being one of the tastiest options in the entire food market. 


Customers have the ability to completely customize their order by selecting the size, entree, carb selection, and veggie selection of each individual meal.  They are also able to order any food option in “family style” platters (by the pound).


Good To Go Food Prep LLC customers need only to place the order online and wait for meals to be delivered directly to them at their home, workplace, or gym.  Again, meals are not prepared using pre-frozen food and are not freeze dried or frozen for delivery.  Once meals are received, no cooking is required, and only need to be warmed up and eaten.  Good To Go Food Prep LLC allows the customer to eliminate trips to the grocery store, food preparation, cooking, and clean-up.  This reduces the hassle of the entire food process– saving time, money, energy, and allows them to focus on other life demands.


Good To Go Food Prep LLC meals are prepared at our private commercial kitchen with love by our team of chefs, preppers, and packagers.

About The Owner

Good To Go Food Prep LLC was founded by Dr. Alex Carter in 2020 when he relocated from the east coast to Los Angeles, CA.  He has over 12 years of experience in the food/meal prep industry.


Dr. Carter has always felt a connection to TRULY helping people improve their lives. He earned his PhD as a dietician and spent numerous decades in the health, fitness, and medical industries.   As a Black man who has underlying family medical conditions, he identified major voids in the nutrition space, especially for people of color and members of underserved communities, and went on a mission to address it.  


Dr. Carter has served as a keynote and panel speaker on numerous topics, highlighting: obesity, healthy eating, how diet changes can reduce disease and extend life, and ways to help reduce homelessness.  In addition to his work in the United States, his speaking has taken him to countries worldwide, including:  England, the Bahamas, the Czech Republic, and Jamaica.  He also served as a first responder to provide on ground humanitarian aid in Haiti after the massive earthquake ravaged the country.


Coming from being homeless 4 times, Dr. Carter has a special place in his heart for the homeless community and their needs.  He has organized his annual Feed the Homeless Drive for 11 years, continuing his mission in Los Angeles.  Even in the midst of the COVID pandemic Dr. Carter is always in search of opportunities and partnerships to further assist and uplift the homeless population.



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